Why Estes Chooses BioHeat

With all the recent media buzz about carbon footprint and green energy, Estes Oil & Propane has stepped up leading the way in Southern Maine providing the most affordable green energy for our customers.

What is Bio Heat?

Bio Heat is a blend of heating oil and recycled Bio Diesel combined at different percentages up to a 20% Blend (B20).  This unique green energy can b

e used in existing homes heated by oil with NO UPGRADE needed to your existing oil-fired heating system.   Estes Oil & Propane is proud to be at the forefront of delivering B20 helping our customers decrease their carbon footprint by 20%!

What makes Bio Heat such a Unique Green Energy?

B20 Bio Heat is affordable and more eco-friendly (and wallet friendly) than most clean green energy upgrade costs to existing homes.  The best part of all, you can start making the change to a greener home TODAY!


Still not convinced, check out these 

additional benefits of Bio Heat….

  • Produces a cleaner environment for our children and families
  • Makes a positive difference in our community
  • Supports local farms and economy in New England
  • Minimize your carbon footprint and sea-level impact
  • Burns more cleanly helping your system operate at peak efficiency
  • Get the same satisfying heat in your home at the same price point

Call us today to make the switch to a more greener future! (207) 363-4172