Estes Oil Is Proud to Deliver B-20 Bioheat® in ME & NH

You heard that right! We’ve combined 20% renewable biodiesel (by-products of cooking and processing that would otherwise be discarded as waste) with our premium ULS home heating oil. Want to schedule a Bioheat delivery for your Southern Maine or Seacoast New Hampshire home? Simply fill out the form using the button below. We look forward to delivering your clean, green home comfort!

Bioheat oil delivery truck in York, Maine

Automatic Bioheat Delivery

Automatic Bioheat delivery is the simplest way to get seamless home comfort for your family. There’s no need to worry about checking your heating oil storage tank or jumping online to place your request. We’ll keep track of your oil usage and automatically deliver fuel only when you need it—at no extra cost to you! Contact our team today to request automatic oil delivery for your Southern ME or Seacoast NH home.

Will-Call Bioheat Delivery

Do you prefer to manage your own fuel deliveries? We’ll always offer will-call Bioheat delivery for our customers who like to monitor their oil tanks and request deliveries as needed. If you’d like to place a will-call oil order, please use our Order Oil page which is available to you 24/7.

Bioheat Benefits

Bioheat Benefits

Here are some of the benefits you’re receiving with our B-20 Bioheat oil blend.

  • Produces a cleaner environment for our children and families
  • Burns more cleanly, helping your system operate at peak efficiency
  • Releases fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere
  • No need to make any modifications to current oil systems
  • Get the same satisfying heat at the same price
  • Makes a positive difference in our community
  • Minimizes your carbon footprint and sea-level impact
  • Supports local farms and economy in New England
  • Reduces the country’s dependency on foreign heating oil imports