Central and Ductless A/C Tune-Ups and Maintenance

Treat your air conditioning system right with a tune-up from Estes. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your A/C unit will keep your system functioning efficiently and extend its lifespan. When you get a tune-up from us, we pay special attention to your unit and carefully go over the following component.

A/C Tune-Ups and Maintenance in Southern NH and Maine

Components We Review:

  • Refrigerant Charges
  • Pressure Levels
  • Line Set Connections
  • Condenser Blower Motor and Fan
  • Cleaning of Debris from Fan and Coils
  • Replacement of Air Filters
  • Condensate Lines, Connections, and Drain Pans
  • Fan Belts (for normal wear and tear)

Save money and have a cool, relaxing, worry-free summer when you have your A/C system taken care of by us. Contact us today to set up an appointment, or keep reading to find out some of the top benefits our customers report when they schedule air conditioning preventative maintenance each year with our air conditioning department.

Customer On The Phone With Estes Oil About Air Conditioning Services in York, ME

Benefits of an Annual A/C Tune-Up

  • Better equipment efficiency and energy savings
  • Lower annual electric costs when it comes to cooling your home
  • Smaller carbon footprint, resulting in a cleaner state for our children and grandchildren
  • More even cooling throughout your Southern ME or NH home
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns and expensive repair visits
  • Longer central or ductless A/C equipment lifespan
  • Increased home value and property resell leverage