Bioheat® Fuel FAQs for Maine & New Hampshire Residents

Q: You mentioned soybeans. Does biodiesel sacrifice food to create fuel?

A: Not at all! Biodiesel is created from the oil that is produced as a by-product of the cooking and processing of different plants. Farmers and cooking establishments used to discard the oil as waste, until recent technological advancements developed a way to burn the oil as home heating fuel. That’s why the fuel is so renewable and eco-friendly: it’s being recycled from a process that would be completed regardless.

Q: Why is Bioheat® fuel being used in Maine and New Hampshire?

A: We benefit by living so close to the ocean: we get to enjoy the sights, sounds, and atmosphere that come with the Atlantic. But owning property near the coast also means we have to be extra aware of rising sea levels and how our oil deliveries impact the future of our customers’ properties. Delivering Bioheat® fuel is one small way that we can make a big difference in the environment over time.

Q: How can I start ordering Bioheat® fuel?

A: Simply continue to place your home heating fuel oil orders with Estes Oil & Propane! We’re proud to be environmentally conscious and offer a B-20 Bioheat® fuel blend, while other companies are still offering traditional fuel oil or lower blends like B-5. The best part is that Bioheat® fuel burns cleanly in your existing oil heat equipment, reduces sediment buildup, and helps your system stay cleaner longer.