TankSure® Oil Tank Protection Coverage

Estes offers the TankSure® Program as a way to ensure the prevention of oil tank failure. It monitors and protects your fuel tank with ultrasonic, EPA-approved testing. This protection plan comes with a $1,000 warranty to help cover the cost of a new tank should your old tank fail. Be worry-free all year round with this valuable service.

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Technician Performing Oil Tank Testing by Estes Oil Company in Southern NH and Maine

How Oil Tank Protection Coverage Works

When your oil tank starts to get old, condensation collects inside and starts to rust through the sides and bottom of the tank. We use ultrasonic testing to determine whether or not your oil tank is due for a replacement, and if it is, you get an automatic replacement credit toward a new oil tank installation.

Ultrasonic testing is important because tanks typically rust from the inside out, meaning that damage is invisible to the naked eye. Your tank could be rusting dangerously think on the inside! Other signs your oil tank is at risk for a leak and needs a replacement are dark spots or external rusting. If your tank is getting old or looks like it could use an inspection, please get in touch with our HVAC team for an inspection.

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Benefits of Oil Tank Protection

  • Proactive inspection to protect your home
  • EPA-approved, ultrasonic testing
  • Visual inspection
  • $1,000 towards new tank replacement
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Increases home value
  • Eligible for homeowners’ discount