Tune-Ups & Maintenance for Boilers & Furnaces

We at Estes Oil & Propane want to offer you the best quality service available, providing long life and efficient production from your equipment. Our Southern Maine and Seacoast New Hampshire heating system tune-ups and maintenance are completed by qualified and cross-trained technicians that are committed to excellence and deliver friendly, reliable service.

Efficiency tune-ups are an annual best practice to increase efficiency, help you save money on fuel and repairs, and give you the peace of mind that your heating system will work when you need it to. We pride ourselves on a job well done, and won’t leave the site until you’re 100% satisfied with our work. Here’s a comprehensive list of what our annual tune-ups include.

Estes Oil Performing Heating System Maintenance in Southern NH and Maine

Heating System Cleaning in York, ME and Southern NH

Our Annual Tune-Ups Include:

  • Vacuum boiler and (furnace to) chimney connector
  • Change oil filter, pump strainer, nozzle, and air filter
  • Test all oil burner controls
  • Lubricate motor bearings
  • Test all oil-fired burners for proper operation
  • Test for optimum operating efficiency

Annual Preventative Maintenance Benefits

Keeping your furnace or boiler maintained will provide you with the following perks:


Better fuel utilization and energy efficiency

An efficiency boost will help your heating furnace or boiler to burn fuel more efficiently, costing you less on your heating bills in the long run. Schedule your tune-up today to boost your efficiency and start reducing those fuel bills.


Reduced risk of breakdowns and heating emergencies

Heating emergencies and no-heat situations are extremely stressful for homeowners or tenants. Scheduling annual preventative maintenance will decrease that risk and give you the confidence you deserve.


Increased home value and equipment lifespan

Regularly maintaining your furnace or boiler will increase the eventual resell value of your home. Not planning to sell in the next 10 years or so? You’ll still enjoy the benefit of a longer-lasting system.

Scheduling a tune-up? Consider a service plan—your annual preventative maintenance is included at no extra cost!