Oil Tank Installation & Replacement in Greater York, Maine

Oil tanks don’t last forever, although we’d like to think they do! The significant thing about an oil tank replacement is that it can prevent your home from experiencing a costly and stressful leak. Oil leaks are a huge expense to the homeowner, which is why we always recommend proactive tank testing and replacement. If you’d like to get your tank tested to see if you’re due for a replacement, please get in touch with our team right away. There’s no time to waste when it comes to examining your oil tank’s integrity.

Why Do Oil Tanks Need Replacement?

When the weather is cool, your oil tank thrives. But when the weather starts to heat up over the spring and summer, it collects internal condensation. This condensation leads to rusting and corrosion, which starts on the inside and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Estes Oil & Propane uses ultrasonic tank testing to determine the thickness of your tank and recommend a proactive replacement before it wears through and starts to leak.

Benefits of a Modern Oil Tank Upgrade

In polarizing climates like New England, condensation occurs at an even higher degree. Replacing your tank will give you the following benefits:

  • Increased home value
  • Significantly reduced risk of a leak
  • Better tank integrity and system safety
  • Less buildup in the oil tank

Assistance Programs for Affordable Installation

Estes is proud to be a NEIF contractor, which provides our customers with the option to take a loan for your HVAC installation. Our goal is to make your installation or upgrade a little less burdensome. The EnergyPlus Loan and the Efficiency Maine Loan can be used to help your equipment installation become a bit more affordable. If you would like to learn more about rebates available in Maine, click here.


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