Secure HEAT™

Rest easy knowing that whether you are away for a day or for the entire winter season, Estes has you protected with SecureHEAT. This system monitors your house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week against system failures throughout your house. Be worry-free this winter and every day after. These protective measures include:

Oil and Gas Furnace Sensors:

  • Monitors oil and gas performance
  • Alerts Estes to potentially hazardous events

Oil and Gas Volume Sensing:

  • Monitors for low fuel, disconnected or faulty fuel monitors, and low battery

Home Temperature Sensor:

  • Alerts for temperature drops below 40-50°F, monitors for disconnected or faulty home temperature sensors and low battery

Home Furnace Alarm:

  • Monitors for burner lockout, disconnected or faulty fuel sensors, and low monitor battery

Tank Alarm:

  • Monitors tank volume including low fuels, disconnected or faulty fuel sensor, and low monitor battery

Sump Pump Sensor:

  • Monitors basement’s water level for abnormal levels, faulty or disconnected water float sensor, and low monitor battery


This is an easy installation process that only needs an analog telephone to get started, Estes does the rest. We can install internal and external options for oil furnaces and special gauges and wiring for gas furnaces.

Want to modernize? We also can connect digitally through DSL, VOIP, and cable modems.