When is my Next Delivery?


The standard heating oil tank holds 250 gallons.  How fast you will use those gallons depends on several factors.


How cold is it?


The colder it is the outdoor temperature the more oil you will burn.  The higher delta (the difference between temperature inside your house and the outside temperature) the harder your oil boiler needs to work resulting in your heating system running more throughout the day.    During cold weather an average well insulated house in Maine can burn up to 10 gallons per day however, larger or under insulated homes can use more; so, it is important to never let your oil tank drop below ¼.


Snow Helps!

If the ground is covered with snow, it helps to insulate your basement and may reduce your oil usage.   But if we have cold weather and no snow it can increase your oil usage.


Is your heating system working properly?


Having your heating unit cleaned and inspected every 12 months is important.   A clean unit means it is working properly at peak efficiency and this means you will burn less oil.  Also, if your unit has reached its life expectancy its time to consider upgrading and time to call our Salesman Jim.  Newer oil heating units are more efficient and can save you 100’s of gallons of oil per year!


How is your hot water heated?


If your hot water is heated by oil, rather than electric or propane, you will burn oil year-round so do not forget to check your tank gauge even in the Summer!