Storing your Grill Tanks for Winter

As winter approaches and the summer grill season comes to an end a big important question is what do you do with that portable grill propane tank?


Smaller, portable propane tanks should NEVER be stored indoors.   To prepare for winter, make sure you shut the main valve off and disconnect it from your grill.  Cold winter weather does not affect the tank or propane, but it is best to keep your propane tank on a flat and stable surface.  Make sure you avoid storing it in damp areas.  Damp areas could cause premature rusting of the tank.

Propane Grill Tank


If your grill is connected to your larger permanent Estes propane tank, it’s still important to take a few extra steps.   Make sure your grill is tied down to your deck or patio, especially with news of strong winds.  Also, make sure you are using your BBQ grill box shut off when your grill is not in use.