Should I keep my oil tank full during the Summer months?

Did you know the biggest threat to your heating oil tank is condensation?

How does condensation form in my oil tank?

When your oil tank contains more air than heating oil, water condensation forms on the inside walls of your tank.  This is especially true in the Spring and Summer months as fluctuations of the outside air temperature can speed up accumulations.  As more and more condensation builds the water then drips down into the heating oil, eventually falling to the bottom of your tank.

Why is condensation in your oil tank so bad?

The accumulation of water drips in your tank quickly develops into a sludge buildup.  Over time this sludge can begin to cause expensive service problems and could potentially speed up the corrosion of your oil tank.

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 What can I do to prevent this?

Even though your home’s need for heating oil significantly decreases in the Spring and Summer months, it is the most important time to top off your oil tank.  Keeping your oil tank full during this months will save you on costly repairs down the road.