With Estes Oil & Propane, you can count on safe, reliable, and friendly delivery of quality propane all over Southern Maine and New Hampshire. You know that when you get propane from us, we will bring prompt, quality propane right to your door in the safest manner possible.

Propane is not only energy-efficient, but has tons of uses throughout your home and property, including:

  • Primary/secondary heat sources
  • Indoor/outdoor space heaters
  • Fireplace inserts
  • Indoor/outdoor fireplace log sets
  • Hot water heating systems (tank and tankless)
  • Outdoor BBQ grills
  • Pool heaters
  • Clothes dryers
  • Stovetops and kitchen appliances
  • Generators

Propane is environmentally-friendly as it’s not considered a greenhouse gas unlike heating oil or natural gas, it’s also rated one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels available, meeting EPA standards. Propane is also 90% locally produced, promoting American jobs and sustainability.

Making the switch to propane? It’s just two simple steps!

  1. Contact Estes Oil & Propane to schedule an installation appointment.

Our installation service guide will determine what your needs are in terms of construction, replacement of tanks, and the new energy source.

  1. Sign up for our Total Comfort Propane Plan

It’s that easy! Estes will take care of the rest while you enjoy fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly, and safe propane.