Not All Heating Oil is the Same

Bioheat® fuel

Heating oil has undergone significant transformations in recent years, resulting in a cleaner, low-sulfur product. However, this has also brought new challenges, such as condensation in fuel tanks, which was previously less common due to high-sulfur oil’s ability to absorb small water particles and push them through heating systems. With lower sulfur content, heating oil struggles to attach to condensation, leading to more frequent water build-up issues in tanks.

Another consideration is the varying levels of BioHeat provided by different oil suppliers. BioHeat is a green option that has gained popularity in recent times, but its delivery necessitates a proper understanding of the product. The introduction of a stabilizer is crucial to ensure that the Bio component of the oil remains attached to the low sulfur product.

At Estes Oil & Propane, we treat all our Bioheat with both a stabilizer and a water eliminator, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible product and service.