National Apprenticeship Week

What is an HVAC Apprenticeship all about.


In the late 90s Estes Oil teamed up with York High School to offer an apprenticeship for high school juniors and seniors who were looking at careers in the trades.  Since then, our HVAC apprenticeship has evolved into our main training program for HVAC technicians!


Who can apply?


Anyone!  Some of our apprentices are young and looking to start a career and others are just in need of a career change.  The only requirement is that you don’t mind a dirty job and you are willing to work hard.


How do the apprenticeship work?


The first 6 months of the program are on-the-job training.  New apprentices work closely with experienced HVAC technicians to learn the ins and the outs of the job.  If the apprentice still feels that this is a great career choice for them after 6 months, Estes Oil & Propane will then invest in the apprentice and send them to the required schooling and licensing testing.


Estes Oil & Propane is proud to have trained over 25 technicians over the years.  We are proud to partner with the Maine Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program and the Post 9/11 GI Bill On the Job Training Program.


If you are interested in our HVAC Apprenticeship, please reach out!