Keeping your Home and Business COVID-19 Safe

Given the current outbreak of COVID-19 and the thought of being indoors more often; many consumers are turning to Ultraviolet Lights to help keep our homes safe.


What are Ultraviolet Lights?

When installed in a home, Ultraviolet (UV) Lights help reduce the spread of bacteria.  UV lights have been used for decades and are often referred to as “germicidal” lamps.   Hospitals and healthcare facilities have used UV lights for many years to reduce the spread of drug-resistant superbugs.  Since the increased concern over COVID-19 there has been more interest in the installation of UV lights in public places like schools, office business, restaurants, and more importantly in our own homes.


How easy is it to install Ultraviolet Lights?


It is very easy, if you currently have a ducted heating or cooling system in your home, Estes Oil and Propane is qualified to install a REME HALO whole home In-Duct Air Purifier.  As the air circulates through your home and into your duct work that REME HALO reduces allergen particulates, airborne and surface bacteria, and viruses.  All while saying goodbye to unwanted odors in your home!

If your home is not equipment with a ducted system and rather baseboard heat, we recommend the Field Controls Trio 1000.  Simply find the best place in your living space and plug the unit into an existing power outlet.  Give our service department a call today to order one and we will call you when it comes in!


Keeping both your home and business healthy has never been so important!