Is your Home Winter Ready?

It’s hard to believe that another New England weather is fast approaching.  There are a few things you can do now to help.Bioheat® fuel Truck


  • Sign up for Automatic Delivery with Estes Oil. Using a family owned and operated local company will take the worry about of buying fuel.  We are here for you and our CSRs are excited to take your call.  Never worry about those pesky phone trees here!

  • Check your garages and crawl spaces for any exposed heating pipes! Its crazy how fast a draft in your house can freeze a pipe even if you heat is still on!  If you have any of these pipes, make sure you take a few minutes to insulate the pipes before cold weather sets in.

  • Changing your thermostat batteries on a regular schedule can help make sure your thermostat doesn’t unexpectedly stop working.

  • Make sure your boiler and oil tanks are clear of debris. In the case that you do need an emergency service call it’s important that we have easy access to your equipment so that we can quickly fix it.

  • When there is snow in the forecast make sure you keep access to your oil fill and propane tank clears. This make sure our drivers can safely delivery on time when you need fuel.

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