Is Ductless Heat Pumps the Right Choice for Me?

A ductless mini-spilt, commonly known as a Heat Pump is a cooling and heating system that does not require adding ductwork to your existing home.  A ductless heat pump consists of an outdoor unit that is connected to one or more indoor units.


The Advantages of Installing Ductless Mini Splits:

  • Certain house designs and layouts are limited on the available space to install bulky ductwork.
  • During the early Spring and late Fall heat pumps are great for taking the chill out of your house.
  • Each indoor unit runs independently allowing for convenient independent room control.
  • A great option for space heating and cooling.


Things to Consider When Deciding If This Option Is Best For Your Home:

  • Heating and cooling your house entirely with ductless units can be costly as each room would require its own indoor unit with the average house requiring 8-10 indoor units and as well as supplemental heat in the bathrooms. Most preexisting homes would require an upgrading of the electrical system to accommodate the increase in units.
  • The indoor and outdoor units need to be connected to lines are run on the outside of our home therefore, multiple indoor units mean more lines on the outside of your home.
  • When temperatures are below 20 degrees outside the cost of running a heat pump grow expediently.
  • If you already have a ducted heating system in your home, a central heat pump unit is a better option.

Did you know Heat Pumps are not only Ductless?

With all the buzz about ductless units many of our customers do not realize that ducted heat pumps are an option and great for homes that have existing ductwork.  By adding a heat pump to your existing system, you can upgrade your existing furnace with a high efficiency propane unit.  This unit has technology that is designed to save you the most money by running either the heat pump or the propane depending on the temperature outside!