How do I Read my Oil Tank Gauge?

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Most of today’s heating oil tanks employ a float gauge to let you know how much oil is in your tank.
The gauge is placed on the top of the oil tank. The visible part that you see is a plastic vial marker Full, ¾, ½, and ¼, and a indicated indicating how full the tank is.

The arm of the gauge extends down into the inside of your oil tank.  As you use your heating oil to heat your home and hot water the float on the end of the arm lowers down into the tank moving the indicator that you see lower.  By Reading the indictor in the middle of the disc you can approximate how much heating oil you have remaining.  If your gauge does not move after a fuel delivery; chances are the arm could just be stuck.  Give us a call at (207) 363-4172 and our technicians are happy to help.

We strongly urge you to never let you tank go below ¼ especially during colder months because you risk the change of a costly run-out.

I’m at a ¼ how much oil should I order?

In the standard 275 gallons tank, you will have approximately 70 gallons left in your tank if you are at a ¼.  If you would like to fill your tank we recommend purchasing 180 gallons.  A 275 gallon oil tank holds 250 gallons when it is full.  If you have ½ a tank we recommend 125 gallons to fill your tank. Estes Community Members