Heating Oil

You know you are getting quality oil when you order from Estes Oil & Propane. We deliver the superior fuel you expect by drivers who care about you and your family.

Heating oil is not only a safe burning fuel, but, especially due to technological advances, is highly efficient and low in emissions. New heating systems can save your house nearly 30% on energy costs every year. That’s a whole tank of oil!

Not only that, but oil is one of the safest fuels on the market. It’s non-explosive so it can be stored in or outside of your house and, unlike other fuels, contains no toxic gasses or risks explosion.

Heating oil is also environmentally-friendly with efficiencies reaching up to 95%. You can feel good about heating with oil, especially after seeing that greenhouse gas emissions have dropped 33% over the past four decades in efforts to make heating oil better for the environment.

Oil Storage